And a Happy New Year

Tonight is the Jewish New Year, which is basically the same thing as the new year on the Gregorian calendar, it just happens in the fall (aka the best season) and instead of drinking all night and kissing someone, you eat apples and honey and get your cheeks pinched by relatives.

Okay, that’s not true (I have never had my cheeks pinched. Oh, and also it’s actually a spiritually important holiday). But the sentiment of a new year meaning a new beginning remains.

I always loved having a new year’s celebration in the fall, when school is starting and things change. It feels like a great time for new year’s resolutions. And yes, I have been on my own in the NYC area for a month now, but it still feels like the right time for me to be making my own resolutions. Especially since this first month has really been about figuring out the next step (plus so many people were on vacation, it’s not an ideal time for applying for jobs. Here’s to September being better). 

Most years I have the basic sort of resolutions. Lose weight, go the gym more, get out more, stop procrastinating on things I want to write, the usual. But this year is a little different. This year my resolutions aren’t just for the new year, but for the beginning of the next stage of my life.

Here, for the Internet (and my mother. Hi mom!) to see, are some of my resolutions:

-Get a job and an apartment (obviously. Though the apartment is happening)

-Explore New York

-Get in touch with college friends who have relocated/are relocating here

-Take every opportunity

-Learn to drink coffee without so much sugar (oh Starbucks lattes, my weakness…)

-Never give up on what I’m working towards

-Pick a writing project and finish it (even if it stinks)

-And, finally, keep in touch with all my friends and family outside of this city. Because it is way too easy to get caught up in my life and my problems. But there is a whole world out there, and so many people I love. Connected to this, I want to watch and read more news, be more aware of the world, because I’m just one part of it and I have a responsibility to the whole.

So that’s it, my little list. And for once, I’m going to pose a question to you readers! Do you have any good resolutions? Even if you don’t observe this New Year, it is a great excuse to make any changes you’ve been thinking of. Sort of a dry run for December 31st. 

Happy New Year, and I hope it’s a good one.



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