The New Yorker

The title of this post doesn’t refer to the magazine, but to me.

Guess who officially has a bed and a set of keys to an apartment in Manhattan?

I’m subletting a friend’s place for a little bit, but I’ve unpacked and I got a key and I live here now. After 6 weeks looking and and visiting from New Jersey, it’s surreal and awesome to be actually living in NYC. 

It’s a pretty picturesque first New York apartment: 3 girls in a one-room (plus bathroom) place in Hell’s Kitchen (which is a lot nicer than the name suggests) but that is decorated and adorable. Honestly, this place looks like it should be in a movie about a quirky New York girl, or maybe an episode of Friends or something. 

I’ve been fairly nomadic for the past few months, and it’s nice to have a little more stability. But I’m still not in a place of my own where I can really unpack and be at home. So, as always, there is something ahead to look forward to and work towards.

I do wish these posts could be a little more interesting, but not much has been going on. Though next weekend I’m attending the New York Comic Convention, or NYCC, so you can bet that I’ll have something to say.


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