Hashtag Good Times

I realize that it’s been a while since I made a post, but that’s because I generally haven’t had anything worth talking about. 

I spend my days working at Starbucks, looking for an “adult” job, and seeing friends (plus sleeping whenever I get the chance, which isn’t often). 

My birthday was the other day, and while my Facebook and phone were full of birthday tidings, most of my friends and family mentioned my live in NYC. I was surprised by the number who mentioned my amazing life here, how jealous they are, and all the fun I’ve been having.

To be fair, I am having fun and I do love being here. But I was momentarily confused. Where were they coming up with this perception?

It’s obvious, of course. When I do the occasional cool or fun thing, I snap a pic and upload to Facebook or Twitter or Tumblr (or all three) via Instragram. I update my Facebook with what I’m doing or Tweet anecdotes from my day. My social media, the main and often only way I stay connected with friends around the world, paints a clear picture of a young woman living it up in NYC. 

It’s a logical and even well-known concept that few really stop to internalize. What we see online is often a rose-tinted version of someone’s life, and is always merely a small slice of who and what they are. There are tons of articles out there about this idea, so I won’t push it too much. We all make choices as to what to show other people. 

I choose to upload photos of the New York scenery, mainly to document for myself but also to keep my family updated on what I’m doing (my Bubbie loves using Facebook to keep track of her grandkids). I post when I see a show and stagedoor, getting pictures with actors I love. I know these posts will often make my friends jealous, and that’s just a bonus. Everyone wants to make their lives seem as interesting as possible. I don’t let the world know when I go to work or do laundry and sit in my room watching Netflix. For one thing, none of that is interesting. And it’s not the kind of life I want people to see. I, like any 20-something, want to seem successful and fun and enviable. 

So yes, dear friends, I will keep living it up in NYC, doing amazing things that will make you key-smash comments on my Facebook page. But I’ll also still go to work, do chores, veg on my chouch, and be boring in the privacy of my non-Instragramed half of life.


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