Employment Unlocked

Considering I have used this blog as a space to talk about my job search, I figured it was only fitting to make a post about it’s end.

That’s right, folks, I am now a gainfully employed adult.

Today marked the end of my first week at my new job, working as a Community Manager at an ad agency in New York City (you know how brands have Facebook pages? Well, someone has to run them. And that would be me, for a few of them at least).

When my life goes through big changes, I tend to roll with it. I focus on the minutiae, the day-to-day. As soon as I got the offer, I started thinking about the practicalities of my now permanent move to New York, and I’ve been focusing on the actual work of my job. It’s only when I’m talking to family and friends about this BIG change that I step back and go, “huh. This is a big deal.”

For some reason, I get a little self-conscious and uncomfortable talking about my job hunt as a whole ever since it got this fairly ideal ending. It was a really tough 5 months, and while I never gave up trying there were definitely times I lost hope. And I know that I’m lucky to have gotten such an amazing job, and one that will likely start a career in marketing and advertising (I wish). It’s so surreal to think that a year ago I would fantasize about living her and working at a place like this, and now it’s my life. How does that even happen? I’m currently sitting in a freezing apartment that has a mouse living somewhere in it, so my life is just not-perfect enough that I know I’m not dreaming or in some weird Matrix-reality. I think. But it’s weird. It’s weird to think that my adult life is starting now. That I’m settled, and there’s no “next step.” This is just my life. I’ve never had something like that. Ever since I was a kid I’ve been focused on the next thing: applying for college, college itself, post-grad life, getting a job. Now I’m there.

Now I guess I get to actually live my life.

How crazy is that?


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  1. Bubbie

    Lau-Tzu (no,not maoz tzur). is credited with saying that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. So is life. Enjoy the steps…each and every one of them as each one has meaning and value……and may your steps always present themselves to you as a path and not as stairs!
    Much love

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